2014 Virginia Beach Eye Health Awareness Month: Practical Ways To Care For Your Eyesight

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Our team happened to be one of the many tourists who participated in the activities organized during the 2014 Virginia Beach Eye Health Awareness Month in the city of Virginia. It was not planned at all, considering we went there for another conference. However, since we were already at the location, we decided to see how the local government thought of spreading more information about keeping the eyes healthy.

Among the games and booths that they prepared, though, what our group appreciated the most was the afternoon that the speakers spent on giving tips on how to care for your eyesight.

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1. Look After Your Weight

The more excess weight you have, the closer you are to acquiring diabetes. That is a kind of incurable illness that affects various body parts over time, including the eyes. Because of that, you need to watch your diet and exercise regularly to avoid having this condition.

2. Avoid Smoking

Studies have revealed that smoking has an adverse effect on the eyes as well. In truth, scientists say that smokers are prone to developing a cataract, macular degeneration, or optic nerve damage. If you refuse to end this habit, you might go blind shortly.

Source: unsplash.com

3. Protect Your Eyes

Not all types of sunglasses are mere accessories that will match your outfit. Some of them can filter ultraviolet rays and protect your eyes while you are outside. Others that come in different base tints to provide contrast when doing sports. You should pick what’s best for the occasion to prevent¬†harming them.

4. Sleep Well

Lastly, you should remember that sleeping is not only beneficial for energy regeneration. This activity also allows you to stop using your eyes for a few hours. That can keep you from straining them due to reading or being on the computer throughout the day.


Do you want your vision to stay 20/20 even when you reach the age of 60 or 70? Follow the tips mentioned above now. Good luck!

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