Staying Healthy


Attending the 2019 Health Conference made me realize how important health is. Most of the time, we often take this for granted, especially when we are doing okay at the moment. Eating healthy foods or maintaining healthy habits often just come across our mind whenever we encounter health troubles, right? Unless we are health buffs, I’m sure people can significantly benefit from attending health conferences like this. It would help us remind that health is among the most critical aspects of our life. That if being taken for granted, many things will be at stake.

Personally, I have not grown to be a health-conscious individual. Unfortunately, we were not introduced to eating healthy foods at a young age. Of course, at school, there are always those subjects or courses about nutrition and healthy eating habits, but usually, it is not applied. We tend to eat whatever is good for our taste buds. Soda, junk foods, and instant foods are those that are easily consumed by kids. And without the constant reminder and discipline of parents, I’m sure that kids will mostly suffer if these bad eating habits will persist.


For me, living a healthy lifestyle is indeed a must. Still, people need a constant reminder to stick to these healthy habits because it takes a lot of discipline and firm commitment to choose the right foods to eat and in doing regular exercises to keep bones and muscles healthy. Health conferences can be an excellent way to remind people of all ages on how to take care of our health because it is our only wealth that cannot be taken away from us. It’s better than we are reminded by our parents, friends, or community to live a healthy lifestyle than having to spend most of our fortune at a hospital first before realizing that health should come as a priority and not just a choice.

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