My Vision Loss

What is vision loss or legal blindness? Have you had vision loss or experienced any eye diseases?

My vision loss experience made my life miserable. These age-related macular degeneration vision problems made me depressed and anxious. The blindness changed my life, and I realized how vision is so important. Loss of vision is crucial. Read my vision loss story here.

challenges faced with eye issues.

It has been a month since I lost my vision. With this problem, the vision struggle was very challenging for me as I almost felt like living life was out of options. As much as I want to stay in this visual field and be a visionary, things around me seemed so frustrating, heartbreaking, and unbearable because of the loss. If you’ve had vision loss before, then you’d know how vision loss can be so debilitating and depressing.

The Start Of My Vision Loss

My sudden vision loss story all started a few months ago when I had this visionary infection due to my contact lenses. I never thought that I could suffer from visual impairment or partial vision loss because I always clean and store my contact lenses properly. For someone like me who had a lot of knowledge in terms of vision safety and precautions, I never imagined getting eye problems or infection on my eye blood vessels and that the visionary infection would lead to sudden vision loss.

But the unexpected visionary loss still happened. The last time I wore my contact lenses before I could even get an infection, the outer part of my eye, one or both eyes, was a bit itchy. Since I am used to that feeling, I thought it was okay and didn’t need any medical attention since it sometimes happens, especially when I get exposed to windy situations. I was able to manage it. But a few days after that, my eyes began to turn red, and it was as if the vision condition already penetrated through my eye. Again, as I have said, it was typically common to happen, especially when I was overusing my contact lenses. Vision loss or being legally blind never came into my mind. Vision loss was so far from my thoughts.

Experiencing Partial Vision loss

Another day went by without vision rehabilitation, and I somehow found it hard to open my eyes. I’m experiencing partial vision loss. There’s just a lot of fluid coming out of it. It was the first time something was coming out of my eyes, and I was unsure what it was. So to address my worries, I went to see an eye specialist. The moment the doctor told me about my irreversible vision impairment, I paused for a while and reflected on the days that I didn’t immediately seek help to get an early diagnosis of the eye disease and consider low vision aids.

Will the use contact lens impair eyesight?

Corneal Ulcer
The eye specialist told me that my eye condition is so severe that treatment and surgery were not an option anymore due to higher risk factors that made my visual acuity worse. It would eventually lead to partial vision loss. The doctor said I was dealing with a corneal ulcer. Hearing all those negative things about my vision health loss made me heartbroken, and the fact that the doctor told me that it would cause visual impairment or central vision loss made me lose all my senses.

Leading Causes of Loss of Eyesight Among Individuals

According to World Health Organization, the global prevalence shows that the leading causes of vision impairment are:

      • Diabetic retinopathy due to diabetes (or high blood sugar)
      • Uncorrected refractive error
      • Glaucoma (damage in the optic nerve) or angle closure glaucoma
      • Cataracts (can be treated by cataract surgery)
      • Age-related macular degeneration
      • Uncorrected presbyopia
      • Giant cell arteritis
      • High blood pressure (due to lack of blood supply due to blood pressure)

It is important to get regular eye examinations to help detect eye conditions, especially for people with vision problems. Thus, it will greatly help in the prevention and early detection of certain eye diseases to avoid vision loss and blindness. Check out the National Eye Institute for more information and their disease control.

My Doctor’s Recommendation: Unbelievable!

It was not my visual loss that made me mentally unstable but the doctor’s decision.

He said that the only way I could get rid of the pain was to remove the pair of my eyes, and most doctors can’t do much to restore vision. I felt so devastated thinking about the anticipated vision loss that I panicked and burst into tears despite suffering from eye pain, but I still ended up choosing to remove my eyes – I had sudden vision loss.

lady encounters ocular issues

Sudden Realizations
I was dealing with an infection in my eye for a long period. I was still hopeful that I could make it, have it successfully treated, and recover. I was trying so damn hard to stay positive despite losing my vision. I even told myself that despite what happened, I still had other senses that I could use. But who am I kidding? Living life with vision loss is so difficult that it made me rely on others.  I couldn’t be alone and do things on my own. Vision impairment made me helpless and dependent on others around me. The hardest part of my visual impairment is when I get so frustrated and overthink what could happen to me when others surrounding me get fed up.

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A Traumatic Experience with Vision Loss

Vision loss is worse than any trauma I experienced in my life. I regarded it as a dead-end for my capabilities. It made me hate myself more. My vision loss from that improper use of contact lenses, which resulted in an affected eye, made me regret all the things I did with my eyes. So for those of you out there, remember that eye care is really important. If you think that you are used to doing something great, do not ever think that you can secure everything.

As with any uncertainties, permanent vision loss or hearing loss can follow you around, and if bad luck hits, you might endure irreversible damage of severe vision loss or even complete loss, in which you’ll be considered legally blind. Make sure to seek medical attention, and schedule regular checkups and eye examinations with your eye doctor, even if it’s for one eye. Common eye disorders are always around us; even a simple distorted vision can lead to something like retinal detachment. I tell myself that it is part of age-related macular degeneration.

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