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The 2019 Behavioral Health Conferences helped me realize some things over grieving for someone you love who has passed away. The symposium may be a bit painful, but it was also helpful in learning things that help us overcome the feeling of sadness.

Losing someone dear to you may be a tragic event in your life. Different people have different ways of coping up and dealing with the loss. But the sadness you feel may also depend on how close you are to that person. One may never be too understanding regarding the loss of one’s loved one. We should accept the fact that people feel sadness on different degrees for a particular person no matter what the cause of death is.

Source: pexels.com

For others, losing a relative may not be a big deal if that relative happens to be far away from you or if you haven’t been with the person for a long time. But if someone you lose is someone who is with you almost all your life, then grieving can be a long process. Acceptance of what happened may be a long and tedious process.

Through the symposium, I’ve learned that we should let a person mourn over the loss of a loved one. But we should be sensitive enough and not let them mourn too much. Especially if you are a member of the family who is mourning, letting the immediate relative know about your presence may ease up their burden, knowing that someone is also concerned for them. And if you got a chance to talk to them, help them by listening to whatever they want to share. You can be a crying should or just a listening ear, it would surely help a lot. But if you happen to be away and cannot be present with them physically, a call or text message would surely help them feel at ease. Don’t forget to pray for the soul and also for those who are grieving with the loss.

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