Vision Loss

Have you had vision loss? The experience of having vision loss made my life miserable. Now I deal with anger and depression. Read the story of my vision loss.

eye infection due to my contact lenses may cause vision loss

It has been a month since I lost my eyesight. With vision loss, the struggle was very challenging for me that I almost felt like living life was out of option. As much as I want to stay positive, things around me seemed so frustrating, heartbreaking, and unbearable as days go by. If you’ve had vision loss before, then you’d know how vision loss can be so debilitating and depressing.


How My Vision Loss Began

My vision loss story all started a few months ago where I had this eye infection due to my contact lenses. I never thought that I could suffer from eye damage, or vision loss because I always clean and store my contact lenses properly. For someone like me who had a lot of knowledge in terms of eye safety and precautions, I never imagined getting an infection, and that the infection would lead to vision loss.

But the unexpected thing still happened. The last time I wore my contact lenses before I could even get an infection, the outer part of my eye was a bit itchy. Since I am used to that feeling, I thought it is okay since it sometimes happens, especially when I get exposed to windy situations. I was able to manage it. But a few days after that, my eyes began to turn red. Again, as I have said, it was typically common to happen, especially when I was overusing my contact lenses. Vision loss never came into my mind. Vision loss was so far from my thoughts.

Another day went by, and I somehow found it hard to open my eyes. There’s just a lot of fluid coming out of it. It was the first time something was coming out from the eyes, and I was unsure what those were. So to address my worries, I went to see an eye specialist. The moment the doctor told me about my condition, I paused for a while and reflected on the days that I didn’t immediately seek help.

a woman with eye infection

Vision Loss Due To Corneal Ulcer

The eye specialist told me that my eye condition is so severe that treating it was not an option anymore. It would eventually lead to vision loss. The doctor said I was dealing with a corneal ulcer. Hearing all those negative things made me heartbroken, and the fact that the doctor told me that it would cause vision loss made me lose all my senses.

My Vision Loss Made Me Mentally Unstable

It was not my vision loss that made me mentally unstable but the doctor’s decision. He said that the only way I could get rid of the pain is to remove the pair of my eyes, and most doctors can’t do much to salvage my eyesight. I felt so devastated thinking about the anticipated vision loss that I panicked and burst into tears despite suffering from eye pain, but I still ended up choosing to remove my eyes – I had vision loss.

woman with eyes covered with her hair

Realizations On My Vision Loss

When I was dealing with an infection in my eye, I was still hopeful that I could make it and recover. I was trying so damn hard to stay positive despite losing my eyesight. I even told myself that despite the vision loss, I still have other senses that I can use. But who am I kidding? Living life with vision loss is so difficult that it made me rely on others. With vision loss, I couldn’t be alone and do things on my own. I feel so helpless and dependent on others around me. The hardest part of my vision loss is when I get so frustrated and overthink what could happen to me when others surrounding me get fed up.

Vision Loss Will Make You Regret Not Taking Care Of Your Eyes

Vision loss is worse than any trauma I experienced in my life. I regarded it as a dead-end of my capabilities. It made me hate myself more. My vision loss made me regret all the things I did with my eyes. So for those of you out there, who think that you are used to doing something great, do not ever think that you can secure everything. Uncertainties can follow you around, and if bad luck hits, you might endure irreversible damage.


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