Blurry Vision: Common Causes, Risk Factors, And Conservative Treatments

Facts About Blurred Vision

Blurry vision is not uncommon to anyone. It can be a sequela of many things, including stroke, diabetes, and aging, among others. However, it is vital to determine the real reason why your vision becomes unclear.

“Sight is such a valued sense, but there are still a lot of problems that fall through the cracks,” says Rajiv Shah, MD.


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Kid’s Eye Health: The Effects Of Too Much Screen Time

What is “Screen Time?”

Screen time is defined as the number of hours an individual spends looking at the computer, smartphone, or tablet.


The Vision Council reports that approximately 72% of American parents complain about their children being absorbed with their tablets and computers 2 hours daily. At least that’s what parents see – what about the hours when their parents are not around? One can only imagine how much more than 2 hours kids actually spend on their screens in a day!

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6 Most Common Eye Disorders

There are a lot of diseases that affect our eyes without any warning. That is why it is imperative that we visit our eye doctor so he can determine the onset of an eye condition before it even progresses. He is more than capable of evaluating and assessing your visual status so that you have an idea of what needs to be maintained and what changes need to be done to avoid eye damage.


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