Best LED Desk Lamps For Eye Care


A work or study table in the office or family room becomes complete once you place a sturdy lamp on top of it. After all, having one does not merely denote that the area will brighten up alone. You’re in for a treat then if you get a desk lamp with LED because this type consumes less energy compared to the incandescent ones. More than that, some models do not cause harm to the eyes even when you use it for a lengthy period.

In case you can’t decide on the best lighting, check out a short review below.

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp With USB Charging Port

When you have issues with reading in the dark, one of the table lamps that you should consider buying is the 14-W LED fixture from TaoTronics. It is a total energy-saver, considering it can act as a power source for tablets and smartphones, thanks to its compatible USB port. If you fall asleep on the desk while studying, the lamp will automatically switch itself off after an hour so that it won’t consume electricity. Furthermore, there are four lighting modes to choose from, as well as five brightness levels.


TaoTronics Eye-Caring Table Lamp

This high-quality LED desk lamp – also by TaoTronics – may pique your curiosity because of the various benefits it promises. Firstly, it comes with a 12-watt bulb. It is said to cut your energy consumption by 75%, which is a win, especially if you tend to keep your lighting on for hours. The lamp even has seven interchangeable levels of brightness so that you may select one for sleeping or working. Its slim design seems like a great fit in modern office and living spaces too.

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

The LAMPAT dimmable LED lamp suits the budget of any millennial who wishes to purchase a lighting source of good quality. It only eats up around seven inches of desk space; that’s why there will be more room for your books and other documents. Aside from the lights not producing a glaring effect, it’s easy to alter the angle of the arm and lamp head and control the dimness according to your activities.


TaoTronics Flexible Gooseneck Table Lamp

Will you use your lighting for more than just paperwork? Well then, it will be awesome if you can get TaoTronics’ gooseneck table lamp. The beam coming from it does not flicker even after hours since plugging it in. Thus, your eyes will not become too fatigued. The multiple levels of brightness and color modes also ensure that you can combine different settings 35 times. What’s more is that its memory function allows the lamp to remember the last setting before you turned it off.

LED Daylight White, Folding, Reading, Bedroom Lamps

This LED desk lamp is a flexible type of lighting whose head and arm can bend, twist, and rotate for your comfort. It’s constructed out of aluminum, a solid material that can practically prevent overheating. The eight-watt bulb does not only help you save electricity but also provide intense illumination. The controls are touch-sensitive, and it has been designed to recall the previous setting.


Ikea Jansjo Desk Work LED Lamp Light

If you are searching for a simple study lamp at an affordable cost, why not get this highly recommended Jansjo desk lighting from Ikea? Its 12-inch neck is adjustable and bends well in any direction for stress-free writing and reading. The switch is on the cord; that’s why you cannot accidentally turn it off while still in use. You may also appreciate how the lamp head shines solely on the things within proximity too since it ensures that the LED will consume a small percentage of energy.

TaoTronics Stylish Metal Lamps For Office Lighting

Assuming there will be times in which you have to remain longer in the office to finish a project, you should have a top-rated table lamp such as this stylish TaoTronics model on hand. It’s nice for eye protection as the light gets transmitted sideways. Even if the brightness can reach up to 1,200 lux, it does not glare on your computer work due to that. And whereas the five color modes mean that you can have different combos, the 60-minute timer lets you consume less electricity effectively.


TROND Clamp Light

In need of a clip-on lamp that can double as night- and daylight? This TROND Halo clamp light may be your match for the best price. The gooseneck design is approved by many, thanks to its length (19.7 inches) and durability. Apart from being dimmable, it has a touch-sensitive power button on its head as well. In comparison with regular LED lighting manufacturers, the brand utilizes premium diffusion films that are 50% brighter and can cover a bigger space than others.

OxyLED Eye-Care Clip On Book Desk Light

Your eye health won’t suffer if you own a great lamp like the ones that OxyLED produces. The OxyRead T33 model, to be specific, has three temperature modes – warm, cool, and combo – that allow you to change its glow with one touch. The LED panel is also wide enough to target a larger surface area, and the product can memorize your last color choice.


KEDSUM Clamp Lamp

The top spot goes to KEDSUM’s clamp lamp due to some reasons. For one, the lighting has five dimming options and five color modes in total. The clip does more for the unit since it serves as the home of the touch-sensitive control buttons and the cord attachment. Its 10-W LED, meanwhile, gives off zero radiation, glaring, and ghosting, so you may work without distraction. The metal house turns in 360 degrees as well, and it feels and seems very trendy.


Don’t want your eyes to suffer because of poor lighting? Look for the best desk lamp above today!

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